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We act with integrity. We have received excellent academic education and have honed our skills while practicing law at the country’s top law firms. We now offer outstanding quality for competitive rates. We like working together with our clients and each other on equal footing. We value strong and long-term relationships.

We have our own view on what it means to be a good lawyer.

We focus on well-being. We attach great importance to a good balance between body and mind. This makes us razor-sharp and results in optimal performance. Our office moreover provides for a safe and tranquil work environment along one of the Amsterdam canals, making us relaxed and approachable. We like paying attention to the way we live our lives and we organise our law practice.

Freedom is our goal. We unburden and create head space for our clients to focus on their entrepreneurial endeavors. While our office is in Amsterdam we also work on location. We are free spirits and have flexible working days. We rely on our experience and intuition. We know exactly when to be where and when to do what, but also allow freedom for ourselves.

We are Het Hoofdkantoor.

Advocatenpraktijk Het Hoofdkantoor B.V.
Keizersgracht 62-64
1015 CS Amsterdam