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General terms and conditions Advocatenpraktijk Het Hoofdkantoor B.V.

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all services Advocatenpraktijk Het Hoofdkantoor B.V. (Het Hoofdkantoor) provides for her clients (in Dutch: opdrachten).
  2. Requests for services are deemed to have been directed to Het Hoofdkantoor only and not to any individual person associated with Het Hoofdkantoor. This includes any request for services to be performed by a specific person associated with Het Hoofdkantoor. The application of sections 7:404 and 7:407(2) Dutch Civil Code (in Dutch: Burgerlijk Wetboek) is excluded. “Person associated with Het Hoofdkantoor” includes, amongst others, current and former shareholders and employees of Het Hoofdkantoor.
  3. All liability of Het Hoofdkantoor, persons associated with Het Hoofdkantoor and all persons involved in or carrying out instructions from the client and/or who are or may be liable in any way in connection therewith, is limited to the amount paid out, if any, under the applicable liability insurance policy in a matter concerned, plus the applicable deductible (in Dutch: eigen risico). At the date of these general terms and conditions, the insured amount under the professional liability insurance policy is EUR 1 million per claim.
  4. A claim against a person referred to in the previous clause will lapse in the event that Het Hoofdkantoor has not received written notice thereof within one year after the day on which the client becomes aware of an event or circumstance that gives or may give rise to that claim.
  5. If, for whatever reason, the abovementioned insurance policies do not provide coverage, the liability of Het Hoofdkantoor is limited to the fees paid by the client with respect to the relevant matter, with a maximum of EUR 25,000.
  6. The client shall indemnify and hold harmless Het Hoofdkantoor against any claim of a third party, which is in any way related to the instruction from the client or the services provided to the client, unless such claim results from intent (in Dutch: opzet) or gross negligence (in Dutch: bewuste roekeloosheid) of Het Hoofdkantoor. This indemnification includes any costs of legal assistance.
  7. If Het Hoofdkantoor involves a person not associated with Het Hoodfkantoor in connection with its services for a client, Het Hoofdkantoor will not be liable to the client for any error or omission (in Dutch: fout) made by that person. By requesting Het Hoofdkantoor to provide services, the client gives Het Hoodfkantoor authority to accept a limitation of liability stipulated by that person on behalf of the client.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed, fees will be charged on the basis of the number of hours worked multiplied by hourly rates to be determined by Het Hoofdkantoor. Expenses incurred by Het Hoofdkantoor on behalf of the client will be charged separately. All amounts are exclusive of VAT or any other tax, charge or similar addition that the client, the payor or Het Hoofdkantoor may be required to pay pursuant to applicable legislation. Het Hoofdkantoor will, in principle, invoice on a monthly basis. Payment shall be finally due (in Dutch: fatale termijn) 14 days after the date of the invoice.
  9. Het Hoofdkantoor reserves the right to index agreed hourly rates annually on 1 January with the price index figure of Statistics Netherlands (in Dutch: CBS). In addition, changes in the relevance of the case, the urgency of the case, years of experience and specialisms may lead to an adjustment of the agreed hourly rate. Changes in agreed hourly rates will be announced to the client as soon as possible.
  10. These general conditions may be relied on by Het Hoofdkantoor and by any persons associated or formerly associated with Het Hoofdkantoor and their legal successors.
  11. Under applicable legislation – including the Dutch Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (in Dutch: Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme) – Het Hoofdkantoor is obliged to verify the identity of its clients and report unusual transactions to the authorities in certain circumstances. Clients consent thereto.
  12. An office complaints procedure (klachtenregeling) is applicable to all services which Het Hoofdkantoor provides. See the website See for more information.
  13. In relation to her services Het Hoofdkantoor processes personal data in accordance with its privacy statement. See the website for more information.
  14. Dutch law governs the legal relationship between Het Hoofdkantoor and its clients. Any disputes between Het Hoofdkantoor and a client will be exclusively resolved in the first instance by the District Court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

These general conditions are available in Dutch and English. In the event of conflict, the Dutch version prevails.

Advocatenpraktijk Het Hoofdkantoor B.V. has its statutory seat in Amsterdam and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 90765400.

Version September 2023.

Advocatenpraktijk Het Hoofdkantoor B.V.
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